The First Ever Korean BBQ Cook-off in L.A.

Photography by Richard Min

The First Ever Korean BBQ Cook-off in L.A. was hosted by Korean Coalition and Yelp. I was surprised to see many people showed up for this event. When I first came to the States in 1990 ( I was 11 years old back then), Korean food like Burgoghi and Garbi were only known to Koreans. But now, they became International food. Everyone loves Korean BBQ. Dinning out with friends at the AYCE Korean BBQ restaurants is like one of those hippest and trendy social activities these days. I don't know how long this trend will last, but certainly it will continue on as long as people crave for that marinated meat. The long line to get the food wasn't so pleasing to everyone. Hopefully there will be lots of improvements next year.   

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